Saturday, 15 August 2015

Celebrate your Heartbeat with

Elder Sandy Leo Laframboise

Chief Dancing Two Eagle Spirit in Wales!

10th & 11th October  10 -5 each day 

Peace Haven Healing Centre, Welshpool 

Sandy will                                                                                               
·        Bring teaching about First Nations ways
·        Share how reconnecting with her roots radically changed her life
·         Help us to look at our own roots and culture
·         Lead singing and drumming in traditional ways and teach us traditional songs
·         Honour us with a traditional Sacred Pipe Ceremony
·         Share teaching around her Cree / Algonquin Medicine wheel
·         Help us to connect with our animal spirit helpers or totems
·         Explore the Two Spirit teaching which honours LGBTQ people
·         And much more...
Three Medicine Horse 

Sandy is working with
·        Lloyd Three Medicine Horse 
from her team in Canada
·        Lorna Coulson, Black Fire Horse Woman
Sandy’s UK apprentice
·      The Fire Women 
Lorna’s team based in  Devon- and Wales

Black Fire Horse Woman

Boring bits (except the cakes)
·        Tea, coffee and yummy cakes will be provided. Please bring a packed lunch both days.
·        For Bed & Breakfast and Saturday dinner ideas please set up conversations on the closed facebook page.

Cost only £100.00 for two days
·        To book a place please contact me via lorna@being or on facebook by 
private message

We are not charging for our time which is why the workshop is low cost. 
The cost covers expenses and if we make a profit, a donation to the 
Indian Residential School Survivors Society 
The Fire Women 

Peace Haven
Peace Haven, Welshpool  SY21 8AT





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