INVITE to FEMINIST FUSION | MEMORIA 2020 - VISUAL ART EXHIBITION LAUNCH SATURDAY 8 th  MAY, 7pm ONLINE EVENT - Facebook Live Streaming + Zoom Dear friends, The MEMORIA project has arrived at its final steps, which includes this visual art exhibition made by women, followed by a theatre play made by young people in early July. After a public call-out four female local artists have been selected for the MEMORIA 2020 Exhibition. Each artist is creating work in response to this project and the Mayflower’s 400 th  centenary, working on pieces over a period of two weeks, with regular interaction, exploring history, intersectionality, colonialism and the ongoing effects in our own time. We will continue exploring new ways of thinking and walking together, considering how we are going to move forward as a local and global community, accompanied by the vision of these wonderful women artists. Join us! In this session: - Welcome to MEMORIA - Introduction to the exhibition - Artwork Showcase -

For the People in the Days of Covid... a meditation

  In these times it has been difficult to find space to write. I find myself surrounded by illness and loss in my family and outside. I see people facing relationship breakdown and heartbreak at a time when it's difficult to get support from other people. Families struggling to pay the bills and feed the children.  But these ARE the times to write the poems to sing our songs...  ...and to meditate.   I   offer this meditation exercise in case it might be helpful.    Now is the time to look after ourselves so that we can look after others.  If you are surrounded by beauty and nature you can look out the window. If you prefer, perhaps you can look at this peaceful picture of a Sea Loch   very dear to me up in Kilmelford… perhaps you can look at it and breathe in the beauty and   breathe out the stress of these times. Or perhaps find a special photograph of a place that you love and do the same. Say the affirmations to yourself as you work through it.    1)      As I look at t

SOLD Dancer drum made this afternoon

New drum trial design.   Playing at design today ..  Goat skin (well sourced) local made hoop. Is "Dancer" calling you ?  £135 (with free beater) Post at cost.  

Making drums for troubled times

Drums giving back to me in the time of COVID My drums are healing drums and part of my medicine role. Right now they are keeping me well as creativity helps me stay well to support others. We are shielding and they are such a boon.  Making them is one thing that has kept me working through lockdown as a public service therapist working from home and being a carer at the same time.   Sales are ploughed back in to buy materials as much of my drum work is probono. See below some things we have been doing to stay strong and help others.  Photo below  Lemmy helping my daughter  pull a fur drum. COVID has delayed her operation so she has been very unwell but she is putting her artistry to good use. #artforwellness #covidart #kittyhelper #healingdrums  13" horse drum has been reserved for a lovely woman who heals the land.  10 " women's drum.   Tied with a women motif and showing "Our love is our strength" inscribed in the middle. Reserved and going to support an amazi

When I post this it should be fun...

This is white privilege. A facebook post. I love you my friend x Lazing in bed I notice my dear friend a beautiful Elder who introduced me to Chief Robert Joseph and other " indian" residential school survivors at the 20 yr IRSSS anniversary event posted this game . She helps me speak out on this horrid history. I have a look at her post and freeze... W hen she posts this game on how friends met her she receives messages from her (colonial prison) schoolfriends on how they met and it is heartbreaking to read. I am grateful witnessing her IRSSS work is how I met her. I don't usually do these posts but indigenous lives matter and this example, it explains white privilege well. The original post FUN GAME:- Those of you who are also in isolation, home quarantine or quarantined somewhere else and who have known me in some way, no matter what stage in my life, surely know a little about me. Maybe we’re not linked anymore, but I want to believe t

Drum making workshops - dates when safe.

A one day drum making workshop with Lorna of Celebrate your Heartbeat and Ann and Dan of Spirit of the Sound Come and ceremonially craft your own drum with love and intent. You will experience the space to birth a medicine tool for your personal journey to connect you with Spirit and your heart. The cost will START at £150 for making a 12" lighter colour deer DRUM and beater. Other options will cost more as there will be the possibility to choose different hoops (style and size) and horse and red deer skin at added costs. We will have photos and descriptions of the various options and full payment will secure a choice. First come first served. More details to follow and please get in touch by message if you wish to come and reserve a spot with payment of £100 deposit. Please email via the get in touch button for booking instructions. Ann and Dan Teague are well respected Elders locally who have sat under many teachers in the medicine way and now have been embra