Poetry form workshops volume 5

Where I Am

Not knowing where I am.
Sitting in this chair
Watching everyone going by
As they walk and stare
Wondering who they are
And wondering why I’m here
As I can taste the fear
I call for the nurse as she walks on by
I feel embarrassed and I could cry
Where has yesterday gone
I just want to go back

Please can you help me?
I need to go home
I don’t know where I am or away or where I’ve got to go
This place looks so familiar
Have I been here before?
I think I know that that lady
I think she’s got my stick
Please can you help me
Is this just a trick?

I look in the mirror
What do I see?
No that’s not me
Where can I be
Am I a child
Or a Mother?
Who am I?
No that’s not me!

My head is all a fuzz
I can see all around me
There seems to be a buzz
And they are making such a fuss over me

I remember long summer days
And what we used to do
But ask me what I did yesterday
And I haven’t got a clue

I don’t understand what is happening to me
Is there anyone there who members me?
So why don’t you treat me differently

I am all mixed up
My mind’s gone astray
I don’t know where I am today

Some days I’m fine
Some days I’m not
Some days I just want to end the lot
The words are all a muddle
I wish I could be heard
Who are all these people
Who live within my world?

I’m in a home
All alone
In a home with people I don’t know.
What am I doing here?
I look over there to a lady I don’t know
She gives me a smile
And I smile back.
What am I doing here?
Where are my family?
Where are my things?
Who put me here?
I don’t know why I’m here
What am I doing here?

The day is dark
My life is over
What is happening to me?
My mind is cloudy
Who are you, are you someone I know?
Are you my husband, my son?
What is your name - what is mine?
Did I have a life, did I love?

Where are my memories?
Help me please to understand
Do I know you?  What is your name?

My name is Mary
At least I think it is
I like to go out for walks
But now they won’t let me.  Why?

Each day is filled with darkness
Sometimes I see the light
I try and try to remember
But I’m filled with fear and fright
People keep on talking
About things I do not know?
Or did once?
Please tell me
As it’s deep within my soul

I am old or so I’ve been told
I’ve lost my soul where did it go?
Why do you keep looking at me?
Where is the real me?
Who am I now and what’s for tea?

Who am I?
I am who?
Ninety nine or twenty two
Things of prevalence,
No matter of relevance,
Here am I, listening to you.
What’s that smell?
It’s a lump of poo?
Is it a lady I over there
Or the doggie on the stair
Medications one, two, three
Given me to keep my sanity
I am normal you are not
What don’t you have, that I’ve definitely got

The ack ack guns are going
God I hate the ‘Japs’
Who drives a Suzuki
Ban them to the ‘Nips’

Day to day memories fade away
Except for those are here to stay
Memories of bygone days
Each one with a story to tell,
Night-time approaches but I am not alone
Tears are never far away
I wish I could go back in time
And start my life all over again

I ‘m looking in the mirror,
It’s not me I see
I think I recognise her but I’m not sure it’s me
Hello mum!  You’ve changed your hair
I don’t remember so much silver there
It feels like it’s been awhile
I can’t tell you how I’ve missed your smile
So much to tell you, so much to share
I was busy getting dressed.  Bugger!
I forgot my underwear

A long long time ago
When I was well
I used to go to Argyle
And sing as well
Now I spend all day in a chair
My mind a blank I no longer care
Is it teatime yet I wonder
Is it cake or biscuits only time will tell
Tick Tock! tick Tock!
Is it teatime yet?

The person I was yesterday is no longer the same today
A part of a person is gone away
But my memories are here to stay
My world has changed beyond belief
My head is all mixed up
I do not know which way is down
And I don’t know which way Is Up

Lost in my own little world
Forgotten where I am.
I want to tell someone
But don’t know if I can
I seem to be wandering around
In unfamiliar grounds
Where has all my family gone:
I don’t know where I belong
Lost in my own little world


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