Poetry from workshops volume 3

I feel like a shell washed up on the shore
Empty inside, empty in my head,
The warmth of the sun reminds me of another place
A nice place, a safe place.
Then the crash of the waves takes me back
Into the black empty nothingness.

During the day
I walk and shop I cook.
I look after myself in every way
Then one day the mist came down
I forget its today and what time
You call around...
Oh!  Who is that at my door?
You say you are my daughter
And you’ve been here before ...

Who am I? I am lost.
Why is that nurse so cross?
It wasn’t me that peed on the floor,
It was the dog that lives next door.

Why am I here ?
What have I done?
How did I get here?
Where have they gone?
When will it end?

Empty thoughts run through my head
I used to know plenty but now my head’s empty.
I used to be on a high know why stare at the sky
I can’t understand why?

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I’ve got dementia
So who are you?

Sitting here all alone
Where is my home?
When will I see my family
Could it be today
or was it yesterday?
Day runs through to night
This really gives a fright
Have I locked my door?
I can’t take much more of feeling so alone.
Where is the bloody phone!

Today I look out the window
It’s raining
I feel so sad
I hope tomorrow it’s sunshine
I will feel so glad
I sit in my four walls
And watch the clock tick
I get so many feelings
I sometimes feel so sick.

I don’t know who I am
I don’t quite understand
I’m feeling very frightened
Someone hold my hand
I’ve got a bear to cuddle
It makes me feel secure
I’m not allowed to hold it
They tell me I’m not four

I don’t know where I am.
Someone help me understand
Life feels so uncertain
someone please hold my hand.

I woke up yesterday and I was me
I woke up today and don’t know who I am
My bedroom looks familiar with strange photos on the wall
I look in the mirror and a strangers looking back
Someone came in to my room undressing me
I hit out I don’t mean any harm
I’m just confused who are you?
I’d love a cup of tea but where is my kitchen?

I am lost
I feel alone
There are people all around
Who are they?
Why are they in my home?
I feel so afraid
Where is my real home?
Please let go home..
Mummy Mummy, I want to go home.
Who am I, where do I go?
Where do I go from here I don’t know
Where have they gone?
And will they return?
To comfort me where ever I am?
Why can’t I say these things I feel?
What’s happening to me feels so unreal?


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