Poetry from workshops volume 4

Why am I here?
I don’t know why I’m here
All I feel is fear
They tell me my wife is having a rest?
I should be there!
Why can’t I see her?
Why won’t you let me see her!
I need to see her
I am confused
Why Am I Here?

Where are my memories?
Where is my soul?
I feel like I’m living
In a black hole
Strangers surround me
This place is unknown
My children not babies
Now adults have grown
An scared and I’m angry
Am beginning to cry
Just take me from my nightmare
God please let me die!

I wake up and wipe my eyes
and sit and wonder why.
Where’s my family?
Where’s my friends?
My homes not my home
Please tell me why?

As I look through the window
Time has gone and passed
I’m still sat here looking for you
I don’t know where you are
You mean so much to me
But where are you?
Because I’m so lost looking through the window for you to show your face again
I remember how we met and the love I felt for you
But I don’t believe I’d know you if we met again
When I used to look out the window
I used to see you out there planting flowers
And you used to look up and give me a wave
And a smile I can remember.

Who would have thought one day
That I would be on my way
To a world of unknown and feeling alone
Scared and confused as I lay
In this unfamiliar place.

Remember me
Moments of darkness, nothing in my mind
Flashes of loved ones, left behind
Lonely, lost , frightened
Remember me? I don’t!

Here I am sitting here
Playing with material that’s not really there
Watching staff come and go
But its faces I don’t really know.
I feel alone, I take a wander,
Up and down the corridors
Nothing seems familiar, or what I used to know
I lay in bed awake at night,
In the morning it’s such a fight
But here I am on my own
Could this be really home!!

I don’t know

I don’t know where I am,
I don’t know where I should go,
Is this the home I know?
I really don’t know...

Am I awake?
I am very very hungry,
Have I had my breakfast?
I don’t know...

Do I live here?
Will you help me?
Am I alright?
I don’t know...

What is your name?
You’ve got lovely hair,
I love you very very much,
Hope you love me.
Where am I?
I don’t know...

It’s 4.00 time to pick up the boys
Must make tea, the yardies are coming home
I am getting married today - But I must have breakfast first
Is Les home yet?
Is it fish day?
I used to go on a boat to catch them with my Dad
Mine’s a gin and tonic
It’s all my neighbours fault
I fell down the stairs...
She was after a cup of coffee
Now I can’t go to bingo it’s really not fair!

At times I am an empty vessel
Floating aimlessly on the sea
At times the clouds lift and I see clearly the path ahead
Sometimes I am lost and feel all alone
And the people that stand beside me are unknown
They smile as If they know me and that they care
But I am I still unsure why?


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