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There’s a new one in today, she’s in the RAF
She talks very loudly I’m sure she thinks I’m deaf
Though I haven’t missed a thing about her whole weekend of clubbing
I rather doubt that she’ll find out my shoes are rather rubbing
But still they helped us in the war 
when this was touch and go land
Oh shit that’s it you idiot
Not RAF but Poland
And this new one in today Is very pretty
In a polish sort of way
Written as ‘Joe’ 87

Am I happy or sad
Or am I going mad?
Quite often I forget
And do things I may regret
But I’m happy as I am
Some days I don’t give a damn
I don’t dress to impress
3 jumpers, PJs and trousers suits me
Cos that’s who I want to be
Am I happy or sad
Or am I going mad?

I am the same
But I am also different
As I sit and stare
Sitting all day in a chair
I recognise you
But don’t know who you are
People come and go
Smile and say ‘Hello’
Why is it that I don’t know
All these people that know me so.

I don’t know anyone here, I’m so alone
Wandering the corridor that’s where I roam.
Telling the strangers to get out of my home
Why am I suddenly just wearing my vest!
And I always used to dress in my Sunday best
How can It be teatime when I‘ve just finished my lunch?
This pad down below is all scrunched
Can somebody help me?
I don’t know who to ask
All I see is faces from my past
Or is it now?

What’s happening to me?
I thought it was breakfast time
But its only tea!
Who’s that person looking back at me?
Seems like someone I remember when I was only three
What’s wrong with me?

One day I’m here, The next day I’m gone
Every minute seems like an hour long
Maybe I’m wrong
Who am I?  What’s my name?
What’s wrong again?
Then do I care?

Sometimes I remember times when I struggled
Times in my life when life was overwhelming
But now I’m in a big warm bubble
People I don’t know care for me and I don’t have to worry
Maybe it’s all not so bad after all.

Hello my Dear
What day is it?
I ask that question all the time
I sit here and wonder what shall I do?
I play with the tissues that I carry
Folded neatly from corner to corner
I have to fold them
All so precise
Before I know it
I have a bag full
Is this what life has come too?

Yellow memories
Disappearing like dreams
Fading into nothing
And then darkness appearing
Can’t remember
Can’t think
Staring into space
Coffee cup
Knives and fork
Plates and thing
These are pieces I can’t remember
How annoying!

Get up in the morning
Not sure of time
Am I still dreaming?
Or is it half past nine
I stare out the window
But it’s still dark
Could it be I was up with the lark?

Not sure what day it is
Never mind the time
I’m sitting here watching time go by

There’s a lot going on around me
but I can’t understand why
All these people just trying so hard
To understand my thoughts

I’m going down that corridor
to the loneliness of the night
Not looking forward to my empty space,
my thoughts are a muddle
the sense of nothing is mine

Why, why me?
What did I do?
Or what didn’t I do? I can’t remember!
Who are you, I don’t recognise you
But you know me
You remind me of someone
(Was that me?)

I used to be a mother of three,
A wife to a husband a lover and a friend
And now I am just a shell of what I used to be
Why, why me?


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