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10 pounds off for each friend you bring!

Hey guys check out the new deal for the Retreat. Places filling nicely so please do confirm if you plan to come along! Pauline and I getting excited now!


Pauline having fun practicing creating ready for the retreat in September!

Grandfather Sun we love you!


Drum bag for auction at UK POWWOW see their website   Going to UK POWWOW with some drumming women.  Will be fun and hope for dry weather Thunderbeings please stay away! Milton Abbas Dorset is the venue. Sat- Sun this weekend. 

More drums in the family ....



I was honoured in being invited to drum this lovely hen party ceremony with Christa at Quest. Now am off to another hen party on the Hoe. This time lunch with my good friend Julia- but no drums today! Please Grandfather Sun be friendly... we would like to spend time with you...

Womens Drumming Group

The womens drumming group is slowly forming .. we plan to meet and drum on Brentor in the next few weeks.

Planning meeting for retreat

Had a great time today with Pauline in her beautiful valley in ancient unspoilt barns. We are planning good things for our retreat and are so excited.

Being me

Excited as this is working... Am off to Dartmoor Adventure Centre  to meet to discuss the upcoming retreat in the morning so look out for photos!

Post modern Lorna

Good evening world - here I am blogging (aided by my lovely lad)... we are moving my website here so that I can keep things more up to date.. So do look out for the changes.