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Dementia Drumming in a Dementia friendly city

Had a good time networking on the Plymouth Dementia Action Alliance morning- We are working to make our city Dementia friendly ... Plymouth Raiders are supporting this and we had an invite to drum for them.. I also met Ian Calvert and encourage you to listen to his moving song... 'Never will forget'.. its easily found on youtube I have been training on understanding the world of the Person with Dementia for decades.... Now I am running inclusive drumming circles some of which are with Plymouth Age UK.. . So lets provide activities people will want to come to ...

What a weekend !

The retreat was amazing. This was in aid of our womens drumming group and so we facilitated for the love of it ...  I found this so liberating... I just loved serving the wonderful women.. We sang, danced, chanted, ate great food, laughed,cried, prayed, found our Totem animals... As it was Harvest Moon we honoured Grandmother Moon with drumming. In fact we drummed our little hearts out... Feedback was so encouraging... Booking taken for the next !  go to Celebrate Your Heartbeat on facebook for more photos .