Interesting insight

My lovely Dad is in respite care somewhere north of here..... so I have decided to blog some of his thoughts...

I called him on my way home from work and was surprised he was being asked through for his evening meal.

It was 4 26pm  ..... Who is this timing for I ask myself?

He eats at 7 or 8 normally when the family eat. I asked if he would have supper and he said " cup of tea and a biscuit- you get two if you are in favour"

We have been trying hard to get him to eat as his teeth don't fit and his illness means he is not so hungry these days so I am interested in how well he is eating as has lost so much weight.

When I called him later (trendy guy has a mobile) I asked how his tea was and he said "hellish"

Then he said that the food for tea was got ready in advance and left in warming plates..

And if you know my family we are obsessive about the quality of our fried eggs...

I cannot imagine my Dad voluntarily eating a hard fried egg... I grew up in a house where only he could cook the eggs - Mum never tried as he wanted them just right. Dads fry ups were really good but probably because of the care he took.

I have given up cooking his eggs unless I am feeling really brave or he is laid up in bed.... he is passionate about his eggs and woe betide me if they are not 'just right' - you know soft inside and white on top.

Now he is eating hard fried eggs...

Its not a big thing -is it?

but hey, when I met my friend Geri for brunch didn't I walk out of BHS and go somewhere else because the fried eggs were not right.......

What's the difference?  

I have a choice.


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