Eagles wings

A year of learning about life.

I have been offblog (is that a word) as we have been caring for a very ill family member- my awesome Son-in -law Ricky.

I may blog my deeper feelings here one day, but just now they are too close and personal. If you see me I will look fine but you will only need to touch the surface to find my aching grief for being a Mum-in-law for only four months.

My beautiful, strong, caring daughter has taught so many how to love and let go. The greatest gift we can give a loved one at end of life is to let them go and I witnessed her do that with dignity and beauty. He will have known how much she loved him by her words of release even though her heart was cracking in two.

Our lovely lad flew on eagles wings and was honoured by so many at the celebration of his life. I found some comfort in writing for him.....

Deep brown eyed boy
Metal man with softest heart
We mourn you now
Those whose lives you touched
Are gathered here
To say some words and
Bring some light to our darkness
Our hearts are dark with sadness
Knowing we have lost a pirate king.
But you would have us sing
And raise a glass (or two or three)
And bless the times we spent with you
As long term lover, wife
As mother father kith and kin
We come and begin life
Without you
But with the things you taught
The songs you sang
The memories you gave still living in our hearts.
We come each in our own small way
To say
Farewell and fly
Go,  in peace
As you enter

The hole in the sky

So I have been away from my work but actually, I was immersed in the world of care, learning more that I ever could have imagined.

And as we all heal I will bring that learning back into my work and Ricky will be honoured.


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