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Celebrate Your Heartbeat! Celebrate You! Come on a Native American inspired journey with Lorna Coulson Who is honoured to invite the community drum Spirit of the Sound Give a gift to yourself as you explore who you are At beautiful Rowden, Dartmoor, Devon 12-14 th   September 2014 Drum     Dance    Sing    Create    Be    Connect Visit the ancient village of Hutholes with the drums Connect with Mother Earth on the moor Drum with Grandmother Moon in her beauty Hand Drums provided for all to use Write shared songs Celebrate the creative you in a gentle caring space. Lorna has 35 years of groupwork and personal development experience in private practice and the NHS.  Lorna is under the teaching of Sandy Leo, Elder of Dancing to Eagle Spirit Society in Vancouver   and will run this workshop using these teachings. Only £150 (earlybird £125 by End June) to include veggie food. Shared accommodation in same sex dorms in ancient Dartmoor barns. Basic