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Successful song weaving workshop! Celebrate your Heartbeat Wales 1
We had the best of times at Peacehaven and I am so grateful to the team there so big thanks Marion and June . I even brought home Marion's marmalade. And ate lots of June's carrot cake....

The songs made are awesome and full of great personal medicine and the evening ceremony was beautiful and moving. Grandfather Sun shone between two wet days. 

Medicine bags were taken and will be adorned... and filled in time.

The Elders flights are now paid for,  so thank you Wales for helping us! 

Dancing Two Eagle Spirit will be in Wales  October 9th -14th.  The two day workshop being the 10th 11th.

Provisionally we will be at Peacehaven again but the venue may be changed if numbers continue to rise.

Here is link workshop  below

Peacehaven Healing Centre 25th July 2015 Drumming and songmaking workshop

A workshop led by Lorna Coulson and the Fire Women, 
Inspired by Native American Ways 
taught by 
Chief Dancing Two Eagle Spirit,
 Elder Sandy Leo Laframboise

Learning more about ourselves and connecting with each other as we learn more about these ancient ways of drumming our hearts own beat and finding our hearts own song. 
As a keeper of Many Drums (name of our truck!) Lorna brings 20+ drums to Wales.

Some are genuine Native American drums and some Celtic drums to honour our ancestors. 
As a songkeeper and song weaver Lorna can help you find your hearts own song. 
This workshop can include a medicine bag making session if the group wishes to use the time that way. 

This is a whole day workshop 10 -5. On Saturday 25 July, 2015 

To include materials for a medicine bag to carry your song home. 
We are blessed to be working at Peacehaven........
Lorna has worked with song and personal song writing for many years, at kids camps,…