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Welcome dinner for Dancing Two Eagle Spirit and Lloyd Three Medicine Horse

Hosted by the Meswania family and supported by the Plymouth Centre for Faith and Cultural Diversity
Veggie Perrins Restaurant,  Mayflower St Plymouth on the 28th Sept at 7pm
                                                                      Sandy at work
An evening of fun and sharing by Sandy,Chief Dancing Two Eagle Spirit - and later on... A taste of fusion drummingCelebrate your heartbeat drums join the Tablas of Veggie Perrins host Vallabhdas Meswania
 Great Vegetarian food from Gujarat 
We will dine on a 3 course vegetarian buffet created by Neeru and Diwali  and the family team.
Tickets £25 in advance.

This is a fundraiser to help pay the costs of the Elders Visit and a donation  to the Indian Residential School Survivors Society.
 None of us are charging for our time during the Elders visit. 

Booking will be at Veggie Perrins in person or with a debit or credit card by phone 01752  252888 or in person to one of our team 
or through Plymouth Centre for Faith and Cultural  Diversity http:/…

Sweat Lodge Ceremony with Dancing Two Eagle Spirit

Sweat Lodge Ceremony with Dancing Two Eagle Spirit
Join Sandy Leo and helper Lloyd for the day in a traditional Sweat Lodge ceremony on Ashgrove Farm nr Tavistock.
The Sweat Lodge is a sacred space for Native Americans and Sandy is offering us this opportunity to work with her in ceremony in this way.
Please come ready to join in a whole day experience including a pipe ceremony and talking circles.

Saturday 3rd October 10am       

Bring food to share after the ceremony- water is available on site. Bring a towel for in the lodge and warm clothes for after. We wear loose comfortable respectful clothes in the lodge. Women should have shoulders covered and a sarong or loose skirt. Men can wear shorts. If you wish to bring a small special object or medicine bag to take in the lodge or place on the altar this can be shared in ceremony with Sandy first. Please also bring tobacco as an honouring gift to Sandy (for the fire to carry your prayers) and red cotton cloth also to bring in your intent f…
Celebrate your Heartbeat with
Elder Sandy Leo Laframboise
Chief Dancing Two Eagle Spirit in Wales!
10th & 11th October  10 -5 each day 
Peace Haven Healing Centre, Welshpool 

Sandy will ·Bring teaching about First Nations ways ·Share how reconnecting with her roots radically changed her life ·Help us to look at our own roots and culture ·Lead singing and drumming in traditional ways and teach us traditional songs ·Honour us with a traditional Sacred Pipe Ceremony ·Share teaching around her Cree / Algonquin Medicine wheel ·Help us to connect with our animal spirit helpers or totems ·Explore the Two Spirit teaching which honours LGBTQ people

Celebrate your heartbeat with your own drum

The  event with  Dancing Two Eagle Spirit will be a time of ceremony  and  creating a special memento of their visit. 

An intimate medicine time with
Sandy LeoLaframboise
where you will be able to make your own 
Native American drum in traditional ceremony. 
Sandy and her helper Lloyd have been making traditional 

drums for many years in Vancouver British Colombia 
 and have agreed to offer their skills. 

Sandy is honorary chief of a Sweat lodge group on the
Tslei Waututh First Nations territory.

Spend quality time with Sandy and Lloyd her helper

Cost £100-£150 depending on size of drum 
and whether deer or elk.
All day the 4th October 
Please email me to book or go through the facebook link