Sweat Lodge Ceremony with Dancing Two Eagle Spirit

Sweat Lodge Ceremony with Dancing Two Eagle Spirit

Join Sandy Leo and helper Lloyd for the day in a traditional Sweat Lodge ceremony on Ashgrove Farm nr Tavistock.

The Sweat Lodge is a sacred space for Native Americans and Sandy is offering us this opportunity to work with her in ceremony in this way.

Please come ready to join in a whole day experience including a pipe ceremony and talking circles.

Saturday 3rd October 10am       

Local team
Lorna Coulson

Three medicine Horse 

Bring food to share after the ceremony- water is available on site. Bring a towel for in the lodge and warm clothes for after. We wear loose comfortable respectful clothes in the lodge. Women should have shoulders covered and a sarong or loose skirt. Men can wear shorts. If you wish to bring a small special object or medicine bag to take in the lodge or place on the altar this can be shared in ceremony with Sandy first.
Please also bring tobacco as an honouring gift to Sandy (for the fire to carry your prayers) and red cotton cloth also to bring in your intent for the day and hang in the lodge above you.

Contact lorna@beingyou.me for more details and to book a place -

booking essential

“The lodge is dark and quiet. The participants see only the glowing red-orange stones within the lodge. Some may see within those stones spiritual images that have waited since time immemorial. These stones have been energized by Father Sky, by the fire, which in turn has come from the trees who gave of themselves to be part of our ceremony, and whose life energy came from the sun. From this cycle we know that the sun is an important part of Father Sky, and all of creation is a part of the great Oneness. Long ago these rocks were created by the One, and the images reflected from them were placed there purposely by the Creator, specifically for the participants' perception at that particular moment in time. A sweat lodge ceremony can thus begin with deep, meaningful, refreshing and insightful power.”
Sandy Leo writing in www.dancingtoeaglespiritsociety.org (more info there)

Minimum Donation £15

(Donations are only for expenses:- wood, blankets, accom and travel costs etc - we all work as a gift)

Smudging the land at a past event on the Moor 

Ashgrove Farm is a piece of land dedicated to the greater good by its caretakers 

Colin and Wendy who are welcoming us in.

We will post ribbons by the gate !
 Sat nav does not work well...
Take a sharp left turning back on yourself
at the roundabout on the bridge by Tavistock College
 and pass the college on your right and keep going back out of town
through woods uphill and a fair way along the farm is at 
the top of a hill on the left where we will have ribbons to help you find us! 

Get involved !!

There is a chance to help build the lodge on the Thursday Friday so please email me lorna@beingyou.me if you would like to be involved 

It should be noted that people with any medical or mental health issues or women  during pregnancy must discuss with Sandy before entering  the Sweat lodge.
All enter at own risk.


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