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Womens fundraising workshop for CHIL-  Celebrate Your Heartbeat-  light your fire! With Lorna Coulson and the Firewomen Come and light the fire in your belly and explore...  Who you truly are and Who you want to be... “ As women we give out so much of the time. This is a workshop designed for women who give and who would like space for themselves to replenish their internal storehouse. We welcome women who would like to reconnect with themselves and their roots with music, creativity, laughter and maybe a few tears...”  Saturday Nov 19th 2016 From 10-5 Lorna and The Firewomen work with drumming and creativity and have been honoured with some inspirational ways of working from a Canadian First Nations Elder. The team are all experienced in womens work. The leaders are HCPC registered and  Lorna who has designed the workshop has been nationally recognised for her womens groupwork.  This is a small workshop. We are only offering up to 8-10