Drums for sale - hand made by Lorna

Lorna learning from Chief Sandy in Vancouver 

Lorna has been making beautiful drums. 

Some drums are sold as personal drums and are being well loved. 
Gary and his new drum at Glastonbury

Here are a few examples here of drums 
for sale at our events...

12" Deer drum  
12" Deer drum front

Fur Drums 

14" Goat drum

14" Goat  back
14" Goat  side 

All drums come with a simple beater. 

Please get in touch if you are interested in bargain drum packages for schools, womens groups etc. 

Care home packages include facilitation and drums. 
Minimum time 3 hour half day workshop.

 3 hr workshop including 3 x 10" drums £400 
 Day workshop including 5 x 10" drums £600   

Drumming only workshops available within 20 miles of Plymouth.
 £100 first hour then £50 per hour.
I am triple vaccinated. 

 All events over 50 miles by negotiation. 


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