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Musings and blessings from a wet Devon

Good afternoon I am sat in my office pondering after working at Womanfest.   I am still in stunned awe having had the most incredible time and having the honour of meeting a beautiful First Peoples woman a descendant of Chief Micanopy of the Seminole people in "Florida" across the sacred fire one evening at the event.   Info on Chief Micanopy here She challenged me from across the fire and so I invited her into our bell tent space for a ceremony and then connected and we cried and laughed and shared until 1:30am when she chose to sleep there among the drums. The next day I had planned a session on “how do we do reconciliation” and was blown away when she took the session and told the small group about the effect of colonisation and how her nation was all but wiped out. Colonists had killed her ancestor Grandfather in a terrible way and she could still visit the fort where

Hear the drums at the Dementia Congress in November

Dementia drumming at national conference! Previous drumming at an Age UK workshop Yvonne Harris (drummer keeper and social worker) and I will be drumming at the conference and sharing some ideas of inspirational work with people with Dementia.  Join the workshop... You can also come and see us with our poster presentation on Reflective Supervision.