Musings and blessings from a wet Devon

Good afternoon I am sat in my office pondering after working at Womanfest. 

I am still in stunned awe having had the most incredible time and having the honour of meeting a beautiful First Peoples woman a descendant of Chief Micanopy of the Seminole people in "Florida" across the sacred fire one evening at the event. 

 Info on Chief Micanopy here

She challenged me from across the fire and so I invited her into our bell tent space for a ceremony and then connected and we cried and laughed and shared until 1:30am when she chose to sleep there among the drums.

The next day I had planned a session on “how do we do reconciliation” and was blown away when she took the session and told the small group about the effect of colonisation and how her nation was all but wiped out. Colonists had killed her ancestor Grandfather in a terrible way and she could still visit the fort where he was held. The moving space when this young woman told us this and then offered us love was incredible and humbling.

 I passed on a sweet drum to her as a thank you for the beautiful blessing of her presence. She invited me to drum on her lands at home and thanked me in turn as she had searched for 10 years in Europe for someone who would stand in reconciliation. And we met across the sacred fire as I wore this t-shirt. 

At the last ceremony of the event when I was invited to close,  I told the 400 women present we had an honoured guest who but did not want to be identified.

What a joy it was to hold space at the event. We were able to help women adopt some of my drums and write their heartsongs and to make beautiful little bags for their prayers and sacred objects. 

I am so grateful to my helpers Charly and Yvonne who were a joy to be with.

 Respect to Tiana and Laura and the team who held it all.


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