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Drumming for the people

I seem to be doing a lot of protest drumming. This is sad as there is so much else to do but we seem to be facing so many changes and lots of people are in poverty and dying. The drums are out sounding for the people here and in Canada where my elder gave a drum to a community group. . I am also getting ready to run some drum making sessions. But what else is happening ....  I am off to the Journal of Dementia Care conference soon and hope to inspire more Dementia Drumming like we did at Age UK some years ago! Women's day here in Plymouth this coming  Sunday the 20th October . Come and light the fire in your belly and explore... Who you truly are and Who you want to be... “As women we give out so much of the time. This is a workshop designed for women who give and who would like space for themselves to replenish their internal storehouse. Women who would like to reconnect with themselves with music, creativity, laughter and mayb