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When I post this it should be fun...

This is white privilege. A facebook post. I love you my friend x Lazing in bed I notice my dear friend a beautiful Elder who introduced me to Chief Robert Joseph and other " indian" residential school survivors at the 20 yr IRSSS anniversary event posted this game . She helps me speak out on this horrid history. I have a look at her post and freeze... W hen she posts this game on how friends met her she receives messages from her (colonial prison) schoolfriends on how they met and it is heartbreaking to read. I am grateful witnessing her IRSSS work is how I met her. I don't usually do these posts but indigenous lives matter and this example, it explains white privilege well. The original post FUN GAME:- Those of you who are also in isolation, home quarantine or quarantined somewhere else and who have known me in some way, no matter what stage in my life, surely know a little about me. Maybe we’re not linked anymore, but I want to believe t