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SOLD Dancer drum made this afternoon

New drum trial design.   Playing at design today ..  Goat skin (well sourced) local made hoop. Is "Dancer" calling you ?  £135 (with free beater) Post at cost.  

Making drums for troubled times

Drums giving back to me in the time of COVID My drums are healing drums and part of my medicine role. Right now they are keeping me well as creativity helps me stay well to support others. We are shielding and they are such a boon.  Making them is one thing that has kept me working through lockdown as a public service therapist working from home and being a carer at the same time.   Sales are ploughed back in to buy materials as much of my drum work is probono. See below some things we have been doing to stay strong and help others.  Photo below  Lemmy helping my daughter  pull a fur drum. COVID has delayed her operation so she has been very unwell but she is putting her artistry to good use. #artforwellness #covidart #kittyhelper #healingdrums  13" horse drum has been reserved for a lovely woman who heals the land.  10 " women's drum.   Tied with a women motif and showing "Our love is our strength" inscribed in the middle. Reserved and going to support an amazi