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For the People in the Days of Covid... a meditation

  In these times it has been difficult to find space to write. I find myself surrounded by illness and loss in my family and outside. I see people facing relationship breakdown and heartbreak at a time when it's difficult to get support from other people. Families struggling to pay the bills and feed the children.  But these ARE the times to write the poems to sing our songs...  ...and to meditate.   I   offer this meditation exercise in case it might be helpful.    Now is the time to look after ourselves so that we can look after others.  If you are surrounded by beauty and nature you can look out the window. If you prefer, perhaps you can look at this peaceful picture of a Sea Loch   very dear to me up in Kilmelford… perhaps you can look at it and breathe in the beauty and   breathe out the stress of these times. Or perhaps find a special photograph of a place that you love and do the same. Say the affirmations to yourself as you work through it.    1)      As I look at t