For the People in the Days of Covid... a meditation


In these times it has been difficult to find space to write. I find myself surrounded by illness and loss in my family and outside. I see people facing relationship breakdown and heartbreak at a time when it's difficult to get support from other people. Families struggling to pay the bills and feed the children. 

But these ARE the times to write the poems to sing our songs... 

...and to meditate. 

 I offer this meditation exercise in case it might be helpful. 


Now is the time to look after ourselves so that we can look after others.

 If you are surrounded by beauty and nature you can look out the window. If you prefer, perhaps you can look at this peaceful picture of a Sea Loch  very dear to me up in Kilmelford… perhaps you can look at it and breathe in the beauty and  breathe out the stress of these times. Or perhaps find a special photograph of a place that you love and do the same. Say the affirmations to yourself as you work through it. 


1)    As I look at this beauty I breathe it in through my mouth and deep into my heart 

As I breathe out, I think about the things that do not serve me and let them go with my out breath


I do this four times once to each direction


2)       Next I look at the picture and looking outward a little I breathe in the goodness for those close to me

 As I breathe out, I let go off any negativity and loss or disconnection with them and  chase it away 


                             I do this four times once to each direction for each person on my heart


3)    Having cleared away some negative thoughts I look once again at the beauty of my image and I see myself as connected to the Earth as I rest my feet on the floor and feel grounded. I might imagine my feet walking in the place in the image .

As I breathe in I breathe in the love of Mother Earth as she holds me in her beauty

 As I breathe out I choose to look after her with each breath I take and breathe love to her


I do this four times to each corner of the earth 


4)       If I have a pet or even a plant or a tree in my garden I place my hands either side of the animal or the plant and I feel the flow of Mother Earth between my hands in this small part of her creation sat before me

 As I breathe in, I sense a connexion of the flow of life and feel it flow back and forth between my hands

As I breathe out, I breathe gratitude to that being (whether it's animal or plant) and thank you for being in my life

 (if you have a willing partner for child you could do this with each other too )


5)       Having done these I sit back in my chair or lay on the floor and feel myself connected to the Earth and just allow myself to relax and breathe gently into her. Not thinking about anything in particular, just allowing her to hold me breathing in and out. On each out breath noticing how my back sinks into the Earth. As I breathe in I am noticing the air coming into my lungs as a gift from the earth


Stay here for 10 minutes or so as long as you feel you need to and then gently bring yourself back into the here and now. Say thank you to Mother Earth as you walk ahead into the next part of your day.

 This exercise is to help you to connect to the flow of life. This could be seen as the great Song of Life "Oran Mor" in my Celtic tradition. Other may like using a metaphor of today such as the force of Star Wars or  Universal Energy. In the traditions of my elder this can be seen as the Medicine, Great Mystery. For some Jehovah , Holy Spirit breath of God.

How ever you express "all that there is" it is my wish is that you will learn to sink in and relax into the love that is all around, and trust that we are held between Mother Earth and Father Sky with love. 

May we return that love as we walk upon her in this life. 



photo abicoulson



photos Abi Coulson


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