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Six weeks Six women - healing words group (online)

  Sisters I call you Join me in my words As we meet each other May you find your words And may they hold The warmth of the Sun The depth of the Sea The flow of the Moon And hold each other in the Fire of the Earth Mother  L McT 2022 In this evening zoom group we will explore the use of words.. because words matter. Some of us were fortunate to hear positive words from our caregivers and partners.. Some not so fortunate.  This workshop is about celebrating words and about reclaiming the use of words. Using words to heal if needs be…  This will be a very gentle introductory group- for some it will feel a bit simplistic at the beginning because it's about the root… we will start gently… We will make poems together to begin with and then begin to write our own. We will learn to pour our hearts into our poems to celebrate our feelings as well as to manage them.. we will think about different types of poems and different uses for them in our lives. Words stick with us and it's import