Woman's workshop! Grandmother Moon Work... Women of Iron.. 6th November 2022 10-5pm


Grandmother Moon Work - Women's flow workshop.

 6th November. 10am -5pm

In this workshop for 10 women, we will take some time out to explore our deep connection with Grandmother Moon and Mother Earth. How do we flow with the Moon? How do these beauties guide us? How can we hold on to this on tough days? How do we heal?

We will be using song, drumming, mediation, and some personal reflection time for internal inquiry into your relationship with Grandmother Moon. You will be passed the medicine of Lorna’s Grandmother Moon Song, (loved here and in women’s groups in Canada). We will be blessed with the Eagle and Moon Medicine passed to Lorna by her First Nations Sister and Teacher. We will make personal clootie ties for protection.
We have acquired some strong crystals from a good source. We will be using these in meditation and ceremony during this workshop. Women may use them in personal ceremony going forward.

We are based in Plymouth.  Booking essential.

 £55 for the day to include crystals and refreshment.  Bring food to share for lunch

Book with Lorna by email and Paypal coulsonlorna@hotmail.com

(ps We are also holding drum making on the 5th 

so make a weekend of it and save 10% when you book both)


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