Counselling (online for now)

“I have observed the process by which an individual grows and changes in a therapeutic relationship”
Carl Rogers in On Becoming a Person


Online and in person

I love the above quote from Rogers talking about Counselling. Counselling is being in relationship. Joining an individual, for a while, on their personal journey; for a moment, entering their world.

Sometimes, I am as surprised by the variety of people who engage with counselling as my clients are to find themselves making use of a counsellor. We can develop false images of the type of person who will use counselling. We often imagine a hippy woman in long skirts or an angry teenager sitting in the counsellor’s chair.  But in reality it can be any of us who stumble across an issue, or crash against a metaphorical wall.

Issues can be our own frailty, may be a painful diagnosis or the illness or loss of someone close. Recently I sought bereavement counselling following the passing of a very close friend and found the safe hands of an experienced therapist helpful as I explored how I felt. Counselling can often be short term, as that was. For deeper personal issues then long term counselling creates a safe place to slowly unlock past hurts and abuses that are long numbed down, shelved and even forgotten. One of the benefits of training as a counsellor is being a client throughout my counselling career and becoming increasingly able to offer myself empathy to experience my own feelings, acceptance to be who I am, and congruence to know my authentic self.

So if you are considering counselling, willingly or even enthusiastically, or because you feel there is no other way to find your sanity, then trust your inner sense to know the right time and space to begin.

Person Centred Counselling is an approach which sees you as the expert about you and those of us who work in this way choose to join you on your journey, helping you find and tend that seed of growth innate in you. You can use this time to be able to develop who you truly are and as you find your answers will be resourced for the future knowing that within you resides this amazing person who knows who they are and what they want out of life.

 “It would… appear that [a person’s] behaviour might be best understood by… seeing the world of experience as nearly as possible through his eyes"
Carl Rogers in Client-Centred Therapy

Counselling session £50 in person £40 online

concessions may be available

Couples work 

As a mental health social worker I have decades of couples and family work experience, including couples where there is a caring dynamic. 

More recently, adding some more training and experience in systemic family therapy, I have
 co-developed a couples workshop model with my associate. 

£75 per hour and a half -  please email for details. 

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