Group Work (online and limited face to face )

I just love groupwork, shift happens in groups in a way that it cannot in one to one work as we learn from each other. 

There is strength in numbers. Group members can challenge and support each other in a different way to facilitators. Peers who have experienced similar issues can empathise and even identify in ways a professional cannot. “Things will get better” has more validity said by someone who has been there.

Hope comes in group, as members see each other changing and growing. Negativity about self is reduced as we see the positive in each other and that positivity is reflected back.  As we support each other, members feel valued as well as nurtured.

Skilled groupwork can also allow people to challenge each other in a safe space as they learn to speak up for themselves – a vital experience if previous relationships have been abusive.

I enjoy the experience of being a member in a group. Groupwork is not just for “problems”. It can also be a way of choosing to live a more considered life as we join groups to look at our way of being in the world. These might be gender based groups, life stage groups or personal development groups generally.

I offer groups based on traditional Encounter group models and Medicine groups in the ways taught by my teachers in Canada.

Song writing group

Please contact me on the email button on the right if you are interested in becoming a member of any of my groups. 

Drum making group
Womens group at retreat

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