Social Care Poems 2014

We have been writing again!   In happy association with Plymouth City Council Adult Social Care I hosted two more Dementia Detectives workshops. It was awesome to be back in the flow and I respectfully post the poems written as the summative assessment of the days learning by the beautiful people who care for folks with Dementia in our Dementia Friendly city of Plymouth.

The key
 Look at me, what do you see?
Please tell me you've got a key.
To what you may ask?
To help me find my past
You've opened the door
What do I see?
Ah there's my grandmother
And I'm sat on her knee

How do you know?
How do you know what I'm thinking 
when you come into my room?
This is not my room, these are not my things!
I want my Mum!

How do you know I like toast for breakfast
or even what to wear
I don't like that outfit.
That's my chair I want to sit there

How do you know what I want?
How do you know?
I want my Mum
I want to go home.

What are you thinking as you sit in your chair?
I think about holidays
Sunny days
Family days
Rainy days
High days, not low days

Feet in the sand and the sun on my face
Circus clowns and the beauty of space
Animals in the clouds
Cats meows
Flowers in the garden
Heather on the moors
Sunday dinners and kids running through the doors

That's what I think as I sit in my chair
but I cannot express it I'm just there!

I did not know who you were
I don't know you at all
You speak to me and I remember
The sound of your voice
Just share a precious memory with me
to make me feel safe and secure

Please try to understand me
My white cardigan is missing
They do not seem to care
Stop fussing " it's in the laundry"
I feel in such despair

Please try to understand me
I want my Bag when I go to the table
It belongs to me and makes me feel safe 
Please let me as long as I'm able

Please try to understand me
I always watch the telly
Sat in my favourite chair
New lady arrived yesterday
I feel in such despair
They say move to a different chair
It's not that I just don't care
it's just that I always sit there

Please try to understand me
Now it's time to go to bed
But I don't know where I lay my head
I wait for staff to lead me on
To a place where all past love has gone

I sit alone in my empty space
With lots of worry and disgrace
Life is now a slower pace
I do not recognise your face
My families vanished without a trace
I wish I was in a better place
Is this the way of the human race?

I feel like going demented
My mind is fragmented
I feel like stagnant waters,
Wanting to run free.
My mind is a muddle
All I need is a cuddle,
Is it the past or the future
Is it me or is it you? 
Why are my memories so unglued?

My head is full of cotton wool
my thoughts are getting hazy
I don't know where I am
am I going crazy!

My days were full of purpose
but now I feel I have no use
surrounded by lots of people
but don't know who they are.

I wish my family were with me
so that they could hold my hand
and guide me through this scary place
into a safer land

I'm lost and lonely
feeling insecure
I feel worthless 
Hearing no-one near
feeling frightened
who am I?
Have I been abandoned?
I wonder why?

In the deep abyss
there lie my deep memories
Whether it's full of Love or melancholy
I can never tell if it's sad or happy

I used to like glitz and glam
but now I look more glum
I can never be my old self
but still deserve to know my real self

Look at me,
Look into my eyes
It's still me inside
I have not changed
I may not remember who you are,
where I am.
Don't treat me differently because of the way I am
I can't help me I am.

Remember me

Who do you see when you see me
I'm a lady that does not like me,
I'm the one who sits at the window
Looking outside waiting, wishing for me..
I cannot see me any more,
Only you can help me, see me.

I feel so alone
Is this really the place that I called home? 
I ask myself for these strangers
They fill me with nothing but fear and dangers

Where's my husband, where is my fun
just once more I want to feel like I'm in the sun.
I want my loved one to hold me near
Instead of feeling this darkness and fear

Where are my friends, why didn't they stay
I don't really want to go on one more day.

Social care poems 18th and 19th of February 2014. 


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