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I am still working in a virtual way - just ask! 

Here are a few pages about me and my work. I enjoy the work I do and spending time with the people I meet along the way. I hope to share with you my experience of the person centred way of working- in training, counselling, couples work and groupwork. I try to embody this ‘way of being’ as Carl Rogers calls it in my day to day life and family too as I find it a helpful way of relating- but to know if it’s helpful there you would have to ask my family and friends!
I have had the honour of learning a very great deal from the people I have worked with and so I value the chance to share some of their thoughts on this site too. This site is a growing project and I will be adding to the pages from time to time. People with difficulties often ask me to “tell others how it feels” to struggle with varied issues such as Sexual Abuse, Self-harm, Dementia and HIV and so this site is dedicated to all of them.

In 2009  I developed the Dementia Detectives workshop. It came out of the work I did around Empathy and grew in the workshops I offered with Plymouth Adult Social Care. This is a fun workshop designed to inspire people working alongside those living with Dementia to look a bit deeper and ask what's going on for that person in the way one of Agatha Christies characters might. Do contact me on the email link if your agency or home would like any of my workshops.

I also share a little about my inspirational work with First Nations Canadian Elder, Chief Sandy Laframboise using her teaching and my Celtic roots I offer space to be you. These include ceremonies, workshops and drum circles, drum making and pipe ceremonies.

I hope you like sunflowers. If you were here in my home you would see my collection of sunflower pictures. I love the sunflower; it turns its head to the sun, naturally, knowing the way to grow. As a person-centred practitioner I believe we all have this inbuilt ability to know what is right for us.As people we might just occasionally need help finding and tending that seed deep inside and have some company growing into being ourselves.

If you would like to join a creative personal development group please use link to contact me.

If you have time perhaps you might read the poems on my site.

Please feel free to email me if you would like to work with me. Maybe you would like to come and drum or have the drums come to your group!

Warmest wishes


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